Significance Of Lash Trays:

Eye lashes have got a major importance now days. Eye lashes and its accessories are fall in cosmetics category. Eye lashing is a method in which we draw an eye lash extension and it looks natural in appearance. Ladies usually prefer those eye lashes which are thick, stylish, curly, lengthy and most importantly long lasting. Ideal thickness of eye lashes is 10mm because it would not irritate you. Thickness of eye lashes is also depends upon the thickness of your natural eye lashes. The most commonly used eye lashes are classic and volume. Volume lashes are thinner then the classic but again the of eye lashes varies according to the size of natural eye lashes. Furthermore, there is one more category of eye lash known as hybrid eye lashes this is the mixture of volume and classic eye lash. Hybrid eye lash is most commonly used by beginners because this is easy to handle. The most commonly used eye lashes designs are cat eye, doll eye and dramatic eye lash. Cat eye make the eye lash similar to almond shape. Doll eye lash makes middle lash of the eye lengthy so, your eyes looks larger when you open them. Dramatic lashes provide the sophisticated look to eyes that grab the attention of people. There are different curly lashes used by consumers but the most commonly used curl eye lash category is C curl because it mostly sets on almost all type of natural eye lashes. Length is mostly depends upon the length of your natural eye lashes. Eye extension requires too much care for stay long lasting stay. Do not use oily things because it will break down the adhesiveness of the eye extension and it will fall down and ruin your event.  

Features of eye lash trays:  

Each tray consists of 16 rows of lashes and each tray includes approximately 4000 lashes that are enough for quite time span. Trays are usually available in black color. It’s having a rigid shape and each lash is thicker from base to top. These trays are made up of poly fiber material that do harmful for lashes. J, C and D curl types are available in our stock. Our trays will work with any kind of lash stuff. Classic lashes are being best lashes for using even; unprofessional ladies can use our eye lashes. We are selling the best quality eye lashes and lash trays in Australia and other accessories in town. There is no comparison of our products in town. Our products does not have any harmful side effects even our products are best for sensitive skins. For more information, please log on to