How To Draw Customer’s Attention Towards Your Bridal Store

Decide the Market you want to tap to

It totally depends on you what you are selling and whom do you want to cater to. If you are someone who wants to keep high end wedding dresses in your bridal store this means that you are only targeting the upper class category. If you are keeping products with medium range that means you are targeting a market that is looking for affordable options. To play it safe, you need to understand the strategy and decide as to what target market you are going to tap at and offer the products accordingly. You can always choose all the categories of people in order to deal with a larger market.

Layout and Staging of your Store

There’s a whole psychology involved in the interior and exterior of your store with the customers being attracted to your bridal shop Sydney. People often tend to have an image of a bridal store with the classiest interior which attracts the people to come in and it automatically reflects your sales as well. Find a consultant and an interior designer to help you set up a bridal store that would attract people towards you.

Tweak the Benefits

Most brides don’t seem to be motivated by the prices you might be offering which is why it is important to play smart. You should use a strategy that motivates and encourages their buying. The best idea is to go for the option of limited designs. Let your customers know that you are offering something that won’t be available elsewhere in the market. One strategy that works best is to let them know that a deposit is required to book the dress otherwise it might not be there if they come back.

Testing a Refundable Deposit Offer

A refundable deposit offer is that kind f strategy where you would offer a 100% refundable deposit in 30 days if the bride tends to change the mind. This will give the time to bride to try out other bridal dresses. This strategy works because it represents a psychological commitment towards the dress. Most likely, this strategy makes the client a permanent purchase rather than walking out without purchasing anything.

Tweaking the Follow up

When a client walks in and discusses some of her concerns, make sure you are noting down her preferences and requirements and if the bride leaves without purchasing anything, ensure that you are maintaining a follow-up with her so that you can text her if any new designs come in that fit her requirements. Find a design within the next seven days that matches her requirements and share a photo with her in order to grab her attention.