How To Maintain Your Crowning Glory:

Having beautiful and shiny hair is something that most women would like to have. That is the reason why there are a lot of hair products including shampoos and conditioners that are being sold in the market nowadays with a promise to make your hair more beautiful and stronger. Now here are some tips on how to take good care of your crowning glory the right way. Because even your hair deserves the best care from you and your hairdresser Moonee Ponds no matter what.

Tip #1: Do not leave your house with a wet hair- A lot of women out there especially those with busy schedules often make this mistake of leaving the house early in the morning with their hair dripping wet. This kind of ritual can cause your hair to become dry and damaged overtime and its even worst than using intense hair dryers. Water can cause our hair to become weaker and leaving it wet for quite some time can cause damage to our hair follicles and strands. So make it a habit to wake up at least 30 minutes earlier so you have enough time to wash and dry your hair properly.

Tip #2: Pamper your hair with a hot oil treatment- Treating your hair on a weekly basis or at least twice a month helps minimize or repair the damage caused by exposure to sunlight and different chemical products. If you are using hair colour Highpoint it is also highly recommended that your hair undergoes treatment to prevent it from drying and splitting. You can either go to your local salon to have it treated or you can simply buy hot oil treatment creams and apply it on your own then wrap it with a hot towel for 30 minutes to an hour.

Tip #3: Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair – Many people are not particular when it comes to choosing the right kind of hair products. But if you want to have good looking hair and avoid paying for expensive treatments then you should choose the right kind of shampoo and conditioner for your daily use. You need something that will thoroughly remove dirt and grease and also do not forget to apply conditioner to lessen the appearance of frizzy hair.

Tip #4: Trim your hair every few months– Another way to pamper your hair is by making sure that it is free from split ends that is caused by lack of cuticle or protection in your hair. Which mean that your hair is undernourished. The main solution is to go for a quick trim and start the nourishing treatment right away.

Significance Of Lash Trays:

Eye lashes have got a major importance now days. Eye lashes and its accessories are fall in cosmetics category. Eye lashing is a method in which we draw an eye lash extension and it looks natural in appearance. Ladies usually prefer those eye lashes which are thick, stylish, curly, lengthy and most importantly long lasting. Ideal thickness of eye lashes is 10mm because it would not irritate you. Thickness of eye lashes is also depends upon the thickness of your natural eye lashes. The most commonly used eye lashes are classic and volume. Volume lashes are thinner then the classic but again the of eye lashes varies according to the size of natural eye lashes. Furthermore, there is one more category of eye lash known as hybrid eye lashes this is the mixture of volume and classic eye lash. Hybrid eye lash is most commonly used by beginners because this is easy to handle. The most commonly used eye lashes designs are cat eye, doll eye and dramatic eye lash. Cat eye make the eye lash similar to almond shape. Doll eye lash makes middle lash of the eye lengthy so, your eyes looks larger when you open them. Dramatic lashes provide the sophisticated look to eyes that grab the attention of people. There are different curly lashes used by consumers but the most commonly used curl eye lash category is C curl because it mostly sets on almost all type of natural eye lashes. Length is mostly depends upon the length of your natural eye lashes. Eye extension requires too much care for stay long lasting stay. Do not use oily things because it will break down the adhesiveness of the eye extension and it will fall down and ruin your event.  

Features of eye lash trays:  

Each tray consists of 16 rows of lashes and each tray includes approximately 4000 lashes that are enough for quite time span. Trays are usually available in black color. It’s having a rigid shape and each lash is thicker from base to top. These trays are made up of poly fiber material that do harmful for lashes. J, C and D curl types are available in our stock. Our trays will work with any kind of lash stuff. Classic lashes are being best lashes for using even; unprofessional ladies can use our eye lashes. We are selling the best quality eye lashes and lash trays in Australia and other accessories in town. There is no comparison of our products in town. Our products does not have any harmful side effects even our products are best for sensitive skins. For more information, please log on to

Getting Ready For The Party Season!

It is that time of the year again. Christmas and the end of the year means you are busy with decorating the house, making cookies and getting ready to welcome Santa by putting up the tree. Apart from all this, there will be many a gathering and parties, at your work place, family and friends’ houses and more. You must make sure to look good as well as the interior décor of the house!

Sorting things out

Once the house is decorated and the tree is put up, first take a look at yourself. It is not possible to burn a few thousand calories in a matter of days, so remember to limit your food intake, especially as this season offers you so many foods and sweets. Apart from getting your wardrobe ready for the party season, priority must go to getting yourself ready. Does it look like you have a few blotches on the face? Or do your tresses need a visit to the Townsville hairdressers? Make sure you have an appointment in advanceas closer to the actual party times it will get busy and you will have to be disappointed by having to do your own hair. Following any natural makeup tricks such as using fruit extracts to do a face mask also must be done with time to spare.

Choosing the right dress

You can watch Fashion TV or use the internet or even go through the fashion magazines to get to know what sort of attire is invogue during this time of the year. There will be a preferred colour as well; however at most of the night parties, black is still an acceptable colour. Since buying a dress for each party might not be practical due to the prices, you can maybe by one black dress which can be worn in many different ways and can be adorned by adding a shawl or by accessorizing it in different ways. For the males it won’t be that much difficult to have a suit read as that is acceptable attire for many parties for men. However to add a little colour to it, you can add a waistcoat, a fancy tie etc. to this

.Concentrating on personal grooming

There will be a way in which you have always trusted yourself to look the best. However it doesn’t harm you to test out a new look. For that first you need to work on it and get a professional’s opinion on whether it looks good on you or not. You can talk to a makeup artist about having artificial eyelashes; you can also talk to a hair expert about having quality hair extensions. Sometimes some of these styles and new additions look good in print in or on the screen but they don’t actually fit you because you have unique face, face shape and features. So make sure you talk to a professional before you embark on any of the new changes for the party season.Getting ready to be seen among many, by everyone is not easy. However even without being a “known beauty”, you can still look good if you prepare properly.