Asian Superstitious Believes And Their Scientific Back Ups

Asians mainly the Indians and the Chinese have a lot of superstitious that are called stupid and not scientific. But; there had been prove to have given enough validity and certification that these stupid and meaningless superstitious believes gave scientific validity. They have used the deal instilling mechanism to make people follow them and be healthier.

They have said that you should not cut nails after six o’ clock in the evening. It is just because they did not have electricity and they made use of kerosene bulbs and similar other things. It should be understood that nowadays we gave electric bulbs that can be used for having light during darkness and night time. There is a chance that the nails would have fell inside food and nails cannot be digested easily and they would cause pain in stomach and several other related parts. Moreover, germs can travel faster when there is a break in the nail bed or cuticle. This is the reason why the ancestors said us to keep the nails cut short and clean. But nowadays, people are doing these nail technician course in Brisbane and are administered.

These are of High quality and they involve things like manicure and pedicure to keep the nails clean and you can visit a reputable school to learn more about beauty needs.

There is another superstitious belief that we should not go out during twelve o’ clock in afternoon to three o’ clock in evening, you should not go out. They scared people telling it is because of the fact that ghosts of various types would roam around in the place. But scientifically, the rays of sun had the ultimate impact on the place at that time.

Like this, they have a large source of things that have a scientific back up. For example, the temples constructed by these great people of India have found to create a different waves and other things which have sound to regulate the working of the body and all organs. Thus, the need to be there at least twice a week was regulated by telling Tuesdays and Thursdays are supposed to be spent in temples.

Not to forget, most of the temples are in mountain tops which makes them walk all ways and this is like an exercise. Moreover, these people do field work and several other works. This made sure that they stay fit. Apart from this, they did not have white collar jobs which involves the people sitting idle before the computer with air conditioner. Therefore, there is a huge meaning behind everything our ancestors had said.